Magnum Force ★★★★

"A mans gotta know his limitations"
Pretty much the same as the first film! You've got the same soundtrack, same old frowny and snarky Clint, big asshole boss, similar direction, similar tone and it's even shot/edited in exactly the same manner pretty much.

Obviously the story is a bit different, but it's not as tense or compelling as the maniac in the first movie, so it feels different in that regard. Tension remains absent from most of the movie, until the final act and a few spots throughout! There's plenty of excitement especially the motorcycle chase, some great acting, a superb twist I didn't really see coming and lots if magnum shootin'. Clint has a few more one liners, keeps wearing those goofy sunglasses and is slammin' some asian lady in this one. Fuck knows why they put that in, it's almost just to have her nearly open a mail box for a particular plot development...
A solid Dirty Harry movie, it just lacks the all round film making, story and execution of the first (despite it feeling similar).

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