Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Amazing Lynchian nightmare!
But this time everything adds up and makes sense, well at least it my head! Probably the only lynch film/series I've seen so far, where I've thought about it and it eventually all adds up! In that way it's actually quite accessible like the start of Twin Peaks, it can be scary and frankly fucked up but still a fairly easy watch.

I suppose the only thing that's a bit odd is the old couple from the beginning, that come back at the end. That I'm not quite sure on, fairly sure the hag is death, which is funnily enough around the corner.

But yeah I'm not gonna talk about all that lark, but I'll say it's super well acted, amazingly scored (so effective at crafting the multiple atmospheres), super shot (I dislike the initial Omg its LA vaseline lens, but that has a purpose), so well directed and pieced expertly in editing. You wouldn't realise the TV show is cut into a movie, with additional footage! Its slotted in well.

Lynch is a master! I hope he returns to the chair.

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