Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

I feel like this is closest to being a strict comedy (not that it is) from Quentins filmography, and it's kind of a parody movie in a sense with an overall theme, like say Airplane!

But like every Tarantino film it's not strictly anything genre wise, as is his prowess with the fluidity of genre. It weaves and soars, but retains the overall backbone of a hang out movie. Which pretty much all of his films mostly are, but this time we're chilling with Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth. And to be fair Sharon Tate as well, a bit more literally as it's like you're alongside her, you understand her completely and that's with a lack of dialogue!

It's also yes an extremely violent film, but think more Hateful Eight in the regards to violence. It's swift, brutal and actually shockingly funny I think more due to surprise. And funny due to the amount of build up around some aspects, when it all clicks together you cant help but think "holy fuck did that just happen!?".

This film looks amazing! the everyday world in it is the most uninspiring in any of his films I have to say, but the mini movies and various multimedia segments make up for it. Like some of them look hoisted straight from the 60s, it's pretty much cinema porn to be honest. The show of worship to the world of cinema is very apparent, and this movie is pretty much Quentins altar.

However in regards to the everyday world of the film looking the most uninspired, the actual camerawork itself remains s impeccable, this is a master at the height of his craft. I've seen people say I would've never have thought to shoot a script how Quentin does, because it probably shouldn't really work, but it bloody does and how I dont know.

While the cinematography looks a bit bland (the real world that is), the sets and locations and wardrobe and miniature models are all so lovingly done! The list could go on, theres not a single foot wrong.
It's just incredible it really is, you'd think Quentin is capable of time travel.

Acting in this movie is as you'd expect, and that's as slick as a grease spill in the hollywood hills. Brad Pitt I think actually outshines Leo just a bit more, since his character is a bit more complex while seemingly not, and that bit more surprising! Margot Robbie shines too of course, and does very well without many lines which is a class act. Everyone else is great, I didn't really see a bad performance at all. There are way too many actors in this to list, and they all minus the stars have similar screen time!

One last word is the score, that's fantastic and powerful. This movie breezes by despite its runtime, and it is aided heavily by a banging soundtrack, with the score on top it's a treat!

Actually one last thing, have you ever seen dog food end up actually being pretty important in a films plot?

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