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  • Sara's Notebook

    Sara's Notebook


    It's hard to care about Belén Rueda's bullshit drama when there are 50 african families being slaughtered on the background

  • Selfie from Hell

    Selfie from Hell

    It turns out "cursed selfies" wasn't such a great idea after all

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  • Anon



    I would like to see a movie in this "universe" directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, I bet he could do some crazy shit with this idea.

    Anon, however, is an overly long Black Mirror episode that seems like is going out of it's way to be bland and boring. Some cool ideas, though.

  • Final Girl

    Final Girl

    I have now mastered the art of spending 20 minutes browsing Netflix only to end up choosing the shittiest movie on catalog