2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

The change in perception, the turning point that science fiction had, is it not the same function that the monolith fulfilled? A clear change in our generation, a filmic testament that should be taken as inspiration but should not be modified, besides I am a clear defender of what works how it is should not have remakes.

A science fiction movie with a study of human relationships and its study of being like no other. This is a great point to highlight, works so that its great use of cinematography can be deeply involved, it also gives us humanistic action like never before. That yes, despite its lack of dialogues is not indicative of absence of plot, all its power is brought by the great use of its image.

It was such a good plot construction that it was tried to expand this universe, with one more movie and a long saga made by Arthur Clarke that the great impact that this first film had in history will never come. However, the novel that accompanies 2001 is highly recommended in order to expand and understand the explanation of some events that are not carried out in depth within the film.

His great process of transition leading to human evolution has this theory of influence outside our world, which is very striking and highly motivated. The great music referenced in other works and that when you listen to it immediately you will recognize its enigmatic and masterful sound.

In short, it is indisputably part of my top 10 in my TOP FAV. MOVIES and the world of the seventh art.

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