Stalker ★★★★★

God, how much love I feel for Tarkovsky and for this film, in fact, the first one that introduced me to the world and universe of this great teacher, and as I read it in a fragment of another giant like Bergman and that I paraphrase it here, Tarkovsky and his Cinema is a key to a world that I always wanted to enter.

This film was his farewell to his stay in his home and led him into "voluntary" exile where he wrote his last two film wills.

Stalker is the most autonomous and original film, it is his clear transcription of his style and the film that perhaps is the most referenced regarding his style in my opinion.

However, the semantic interpretation of what is seen is dependent on each viewer, rather, this is a base of support against the display of this content. He gives us filmic mastery and poetic paragraphs and we build the interpretation in our own way.

The writer, the teacher and the Stalker are the gods of this alternate world where one lives with the interrogation of what exists in The Zone. A world that is justified in front of being the place where the unfortunate go in search of hope. These three people are our eyes and our fears in front of what we will find at the end of the tour.
All this was for me a very intimate introspection and reflection process that was more beneficial and profitable than any attempt at internal visualization in my being.

Anyway, I will be able to revise this film as many times as necessary and it will always be... VISUAL POETRY and a great achievement for this art that surpasses any type of award and that completely transcends any bourgeois red carpet ceremony,

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