• The Big Sleep

    The Big Sleep


    A script as protagonist, Raymond Chandler as a masterful writer who contributed his novel to be adapted by William Faulkner, Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman; the construction of dialogues are the perfect input to load a plot full of mysteries that possibly towards the end, will not be completely solved. It is even said that both screenwriters and Howard Hawks contacted Chandler because they did not understand who was responsible for the crime.

    Chandler's contribution to this genre was important;…

  • Eraserhead



    A couple of days ago I had the privilege of continuing with the work of David Lynch (an author who awakens loves and hates); his works are memorable, all with a contemporary surrealist character that is too interesting and remarkable in my opinion. It had taken a long time to find a decent version of Inland Empire (2006), a film that develops in depth towards a personal exorcism pushed to the limit, with similarity in its objective to the fabulous…

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Sidney Lumet, who managed to masterfully develop in the drama genre with his iconic 12 Angry Men (1957), immersed himself in Network (1976) giving a realistic, emblematic satire that reflected with an elegant tinge the reality of manipulation existing in the media; arriving at the opportunity to take a real event and transform it into a legendary precedent of the crime genre for the world of cinema.

    The biggest and most remarkable characteristic that I was able to extract from…

  • Je, Tu, Il, Elle

    Je, Tu, Il, Elle


    The characterization of the main character highlights the transgression of the state of mind that strongly conditions his argument, with fine tints that range from a deeply psychological study, to the development and emotional progression that is accompanied by the poetic reflection worthy of Chantal Akerman's cinema.

    The insatiable search to satisfy that natural and necessary instinct of the human being, such as love, was taken to such an extreme that it shows the real dimension of pure and sincere…

  • The Hunters

    The Hunters


    In Oi Kynigoi many sensations are transmitted and he gives us a history lesson about the Greek civil war between left and right, its dictatorship of the moment and the perception of this conflict, not being an invitation to take a side. Angelopoulos is an author who can navigate as he pleases through any cinematographic aspect, Drama - War - Historical Cinema, each one nuanced by poetic overtones characteristic of his cinema. However, here he manages to interfere with the…

  • Rapture



    The perfect convergence that is traced when creating a product that fulfills being an experimental cinema is very noticeable, taken hand in hand with horror and a hidden rhythm that will captivate you. The plot becomes a fiery testimony that transcends the screen and is positioned in a terrifying reality about the impact of films on each viewer.

    You are in a 110 minute experience of an unusual mental journey that will strip you of every earthly bond, transcending towards…

  • The Fifth Seal

    The Fifth Seal


    The double standard that can be captured from a single question leads to an intimate debate, which allows the viewer to introspect and explore the psychological analysis of the banal motivations for the war. If you manage to make a current reflection on past events that have no place at this time (or I hope so), you will shed all the influences that burden your life and you will give way to generate your own criteria about the perception of…

  • Alphaville



    “Time is a river that takes me away, but I am the river; It is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger. The world, unfortunately, is real; I, unfortunately, am Alpha 60"

    I could easily associate the previous fragment of the film as the great trigger that led me to awaken my interest in cinema. I remember that moment of my life very well, being an inexperienced person getting more and more into art and its different…

  • The Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel


    A great compilation of drama, tragedy and romance; covered under a beautiful cloak of musical appearance and suffocating atmosphere, set in a cabaret where the impression of being the common meeting place for all the base of society is generated. It is a German film that finds its identity in being the reflection of a nation battered by war and absent of its national pride, a mirror of disenchantment and lost dignity. Another reason to love this art, which manages…

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad


    The atmosphere it creates of realism and romantic fantasy, where the most hidden and striking love stories emerge is a power that Resnais possesses. It gives us a vision of non-linear narrative, perhaps, of the first demonstrations of this type of argument to which I have professed so much love.

    In addition, the fact of providing from elements provided on the screen the ability for us to generate a connection from the story and be able to conclude the outcome…

  • 8½


    I believe that my approach to metafilm could not be more appropriate, my introspection with Day for Night (François Truffaut, 1973) and the work that brings us together today allowed me to have a slight approach to all the mysticism and aura of illusion that carries out a movie. The meticulous touch that is needed to break this imaginary wall and transcend into the plane of reality can only be developed by greats of cinema.

    The performances were developed in…

  • The Human Condition

    The Human Condition


    This is my favorite trilogy in the history of cinema, however, I wanted to assume it as a single full-length film and in the same way I wanted to include it in my TOP. The praise for this work is indeterminable, a shocking story and great artistic contribution. In fact my first Kobayashi film was Harakiri, Tatsuya Nakadai was repeating in his main role and fulfilling a great contribution from oriental cinema compared to Kurosawa-Mifune. Kobayashi attacks the reality of…