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  • Rope



    Random thoughts:

    --I wonder why Hitchcock chose to make that one blatant cut around 51 minutes in--from Stewart, Granger, and Dall, to Edith Evanston, in the middle of her line (paraphrasing, but something like "Pardon me, but there's a phone call for you")--when all the other cuts are masked (usually against backs). Did that have a point, or could Hitchcock just not think of a good way to gracefully hide a cut there? It really stands out. (Hmm. I see…

  • The Point!

    The Point!


    Weirdly, this now feels like a parable about Trumpism. (The Count is Bannon.)

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  • Scanners



    I wish I could have been with an audience on this movie's premiere just to see the reaction when the first head exploded. I can only imagine the bedlam that must have erupted.

    Strong script, tautly directed. Patrick McGoohan is a joy to watch, as usual (I'm a huge fan of "The Prisoner"). Stephen Lack is a stiff, but sometimes he makes the lack of affect work for him. Other times, he just looks extremely constipated. Painfully, perhaps lethally constipated, especially while he's scanning.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    I first saw this as a teenager in the late '70s on a reissue, in a theater with a very large screen (though I can't honestly remember if it was 35MM or 70MM). I had already read the book (and even the "Making of 2001" book), and I loved it. Can't say I always "got" it, but I knew it was an overwhelming work of art.

    I've seen it on video numerous times since then, letterboxed but, c'mon, you need…