Winter Kills

"Ranks with 'Citizen Kane' as the all-time great American movie!" -- Vincent Canby, NY Times.

"Mr. Richert has fashioned one of the nastiest (and funniest) movies in the history of Hollywood." -- Hearst syndicate

Or so the copy on Amazon Video claims, but I've read Canby's review, and while it is indeed an enthusiastic rave, the comparison to Kane seems to be a PR flack's embellishment--it isn't in the review. And as far as it being one of the funniest films in the history of Hollywood: Good God, Hearst syndicate, if that that is a real quote, what have you been smoking? (Note: I don't think it's a real quote, either. Hooray for ballyhoo!) While I got a couple of mild smiles out of the film, I dare say I didn't laugh once.

I do love a good paranoid political thriller (and the '70s was full of classics in the genre) and, for that matter, a good dark comedy. This is poor in both departments.

To make matters worse, the version streaming on Amazon looks pretty crappy--soft and smeary, and the image is jittery whenever there's a pan. A pity, as it was shot by Vilmos Zsigmond. It's billed as the "director's cut," if that matters. The final scene looks especially poor--like a fifth-generation dupe--so I assume that was something added later. Note: it doesn't help.