Parasite ★★★★★

"This shit is so metaphorical."

If Park So-dam walking down the street in slow motion after stealing a peach from a market while classical music is playing in the background doesn't scream masterpiece then I don't know what does.

An absurd downward spiral into the depths of social class and the relationship between the rich and the poor. Bong Joon Ho has created a movie that, as has been mentioned before, is hard to place in a specific genre, but is both parts consistently funny, dark, dramatic, terrifying, dizzying and intense at the same time. Despite this, it never feels cluttered. Each genre blends and works together seamlessly.

This film is so rich with social commentary and poetic symbolism that I feel I need to watch this again and again and again. There is a lot of recurring imagery throughout the movie that is satisfying to pick up on and mentally pick apart. Each scene is so meticulously planned and written and watching scenes unravel is a delight. The montages that appear throughout the movie are possibly some of the best montages I've seen in film.

Parasite is a bat-shit wild roller-coaster. It's plot never loses it's balance even when new elements begin to be introduced. It's a perfect balance of genre, a perfect escalation of narrative tension, perfectly shot and perfectly acted. I can't see this as anything short from a masterpiece. Best of 2019.

I'm still in shock after leaving the theater almost 7 hours ago. My hands were shaking for an hour after watching this. See this as soon as you can.

(This isn't a rewatch, just further thoughts from my first watch.)

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