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🧶Cynthia Kenne🧶


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  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Léon: The Professional
  • True Romance
  • Wild at Heart

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  • The Forsaken

    The Forsaken


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    🌻🍁September Horror🍁🌻
    Day 30 - Last but not least it's ask a stupid question Day. Watch a horror with at least one really stupid main character. (Ugh, I was guessing there'd be a really stupid main character. I mean there's one that barely says a word, does that count?)
    I liked this.
    Dusty, desolate and desperate setting, colorful locals, and a rat pack of vampires of course.
    My third Brendan Fehr this month somehow, and while the other two were…

  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight


    🌒🌓🌔😱Hooptober 8.0😱🌖🌗🌘
    Six Countries: Spain
    🌻🍁September Horror🍁🌻
    Day 15 - Spanish-language horror
    ☠️100 Horror Movies in 92 days☠️

    Repulsive, creepy, tense, depressing, dark, uncomfortable, damn effective.
    Lois Tosar gives an amazing performance and that ending. Oof. I don't think I would watch this again any time soon, but I would recommend to just about anyone who enjoys a psychological horror. This was excellent.

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  • The Wicker Man

    The Wicker Man


    🌺Murder and May-hem: Daily Horror Hunt #23 – May 2020💀
    4. Let's have a 70s Dinner Party with a 70s horror, the 70sier the better! If you want to eat something encased in jello while you watch, I won't judge.

    Omygarsh the May Morrison Sweets shop is the best thing I've seen in aaaages. This film screams 70s, like a Donovan song gone really really wrong.
    This is the quintessential film for May, 1st! 🥀 If you have it on…

  • Possession



    ☠️😈Hooptober 7.0👿☠️ #1
    (6 Decades: 1981)

    My first official entry in the Hooptober Challenge and what a freaking doozy!! This is like the antichrist of Marriage Story.

    Andrzej Zulawski rips the raw, visceral elements of love/obsession; boiling/toxic hate; guilt/jealousy...
    "Maybe all couples go through this...?" -Anna-

    and physically splatters them on the screen in a terrifying tempest. I mean, DAMN! It's a relentless assault of emotions, images and events that left me exhausted with my eyeballs bleeding.
    Isabelle Adjani is…