Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★

🌛 Horror Hunt #36🌜June 2021
27. Almost half of the films I have referenced are from the 80s. I need to watch more recent horror films. Lets watch a horror film released in 2020/21.
Things I liked:
-the idea that a mountain of zombies could reanimate like Sea Monkeys.
-a lot of the set pieces
-Zombie tiger
"That's crossing the line"

-the whole hand trucking the zombies into the vault for the Indiana Jones boobietraps.
-Matthias Schweighöfer's man screams
-Tig Notaro
-some awesomely juicy and creative kills
-And definitely the opening credits
I'm in agreement with most of the reviews I've read- it did seem to take forever for things to happen and honestly, Kate's character was insipid and the whole father/daughter boringdrama unnecessary. I did like John Batista, I was entertained enough, and I probably would watch it again.

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