Hearts Beat Loud

Hearts Beat Loud ★★★

🤍Scavenger Hunt 71 – February 2021💙17. Watch a coming of age movie with a queer protagonist.
Omg at 10 minutes in when he starts singing Ocean Man in their jam sesh. It was immediately my favorite movie. And then it wasn't. It's not a bad little flick, kind of a warm and fuzzy cannon of hope with poingancy.
Sam Malone gets to be a failed career bartender again, only here he wishes he was Tommy Chong.
I spent most of the scenes in the record shop trying to make out all the albums and artists on the wall instead of paying attention to what was happening. I guess what I need is a film where it's just people working in a record shop, talking music to random customers.
I mean Nick Offerman singing and smoking-- genuine-- I liked that (but oof).
Kiersey Clemons was pretty fantastic. And any scene with Toni Collette is a treat
I like Sasha Lane-- she reminds me of Martha Plimpton from way back.
This was cute.

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