Possessor ★★★★½

"Pull me out"
I liked this a lot.
Cronenberg's offspring delivers some fabulous imagery and gooey brutal body horror. But what I am still thinking about is the entire brain-scratching story...the worms crawl in... it's like a slice of science fiction magnified on a microscope slide tray slathered in blood.

Go into it blind, if you can.
That ending. Excellent.

I caught this as a matinee today and was the only living soul in the theater. It was perfect.
☠️Daily Horror Hunt #28 – October Horror 2020☠️🎃
14. A film with a title containing a word that uses the same letter three or more times.
Adding this to my ☠️😈Hooptober 7.0👿☠️ because I just realized I only had one from this year! (Rewatches don't count)

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