Uncut Gems ★★★★

Adam Sandler turns in the jokes and the wigs for a film that sets out to remind everybody that the man does indeed possess dramatic acting chops.

In Uncut Gems, Sandler is a Jewish-American gambler and jeweler in New York City who owes more gambling debts than there are bad movies in Sandler's filmography. Thankfully, Uncut Gems is not one of them.

The Sadfie brothers continue to prove that the pair are masterminds of stressful cinema with sweat-inducing scenarios and characters whom are not good people but somehow elicit the support of the audience.

Sandler is an actor who is not everybody's cup of tea and some people have and will inevitably skip over this one for lack of interest in its lead but rest assured, the funny man delivers an impactful, emotional performance as a man who reaches for the stars at the expense of everybody around him and himself.

Also starring Idina Menzel in a rare live action appearance and Julia Fox making her on-screen debut. Uncut Gems also features NBA star Kevin Garnett and singer-songwriter the Weeknd in his first filmic appearance, both as themselves; the former in a major role.

Uncut Gems won't be to everybody's tastes but what film is? The Safdie brothers are relentless in their portrayal of greed and its consequences, with strong performances all around and an unexpected, divisive ending.

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