dario argender

dario argender

Favorite films

  • Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot
  • Wings of a Serf
  • Inferno
  • Angel Heart

Recent activity

  • Moth and the Flame

  • Lonesome Ghosts

  • Cock o' the Walk

  • Hawaiian Holiday

Recent reviews

  • Moth and the Flame

    Moth and the Flame

    this film inspired eisenstein to write for several pages about the attraction of fire, pre-logical thinking and sexual pathology in an essay on disney. i definitely thought "i see why eisenstein liked this cartoon" 4 or 5 times watching this. there's a drawing he did for ivan the terrible with a huge spiral candlestick that looks exactly like the one in this being used for a gruesome sexual joke. i get it.

  • Lonesome Ghosts

    Lonesome Ghosts

    "This film, if you will, is not only nostalgia and the dream of freeing forms from the canons of logic and eternally established stability, as was the case with 'Merbabies.' This film, if you will -- is a provocation, its moral -- an exhortation that only through unshackling the chains of stability is it possible to achieve vitality. Truly, we look at this opus not as we look at a work that that has been merrily skipping along with us,…

Popular reviews

  • Mister Designer

    Mister Designer

    people say VIY (1967) is the greatest russian horror movie, but this film is scarier, sexier, weirder, and has the greatest darkwave horror-synth-pop soundtrack of maybe any film ever (by THE GOD sergei kuryokhin )...

    anyway, why compare when both VIY and MISTER DESIGNER are each a culminating specimen of two very different subgenres of russian horror. VIY is folk-horror and MISTER DESIGNER is...decadent-symbolist-promethean-art-horror. my new favorite genre, honestly. the transgressive metaphysical experimentation of decadent drugged-out cosmopolitan artists during the…

  • Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

    god, i LOVE a film that's so increasingly gay it builds up to a scene where a lifestyle kink s&m gay couple chases a vanilla gay clone couple through the streets of san francisco...

    anyway, dr. goldfoot is my new "vincent price villain i most wish i could transition into." just the bitchiest, queeniest mad scientist who lives in a high-camp torture dungeon under a cemetery in san francisco, from which he runs an international findom scam with glamorous fem-bot proxies...while dressing in brocade tuxedos and ridiculous shoes...why isn't that me...