dario argender

slavic studies grad student. eisenstein stan. opera bitch. horror bro. psychonaut.

Favorite films

  • Ivan the Terrible, Part II: The Boyars' Plot
  • Wings of a Serf
  • Inferno
  • Mister Designer

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  • St. Jorgen's Day

  • The Mutations

  • The Video Dead

  • Witchhammer

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  • St. Jorgen's Day

    St. Jorgen's Day

    gotta say it, igor il'insky has t-boy swag in this!

    absolutely delightful film overall too. i wish yakov protazanov hadn't abandoned his ivan the terrible film project (which i read a screenplay for in the archives), it would have been so good!

  • The Mutations

    The Mutations

    the extended nature-doc plant and fungus footage in lush Eastman color make this a great stoned watch, but then the creature stuff is actually gets really upsetting and scary...perfect simulation of switching from indica to sativa and getting the bad high...

    also i put this on for a friend who is also in academia not knowing that it is a perfect 1:1 allegory for professors using and abusing their grad students where the hero is a literal fulbright scholar played…

Popular reviews

  • Witchhammer


    every time someone reacts to rightwing politicians attacking reproductive autonomy & passing laws to repress women & sexual minorities by saying "they want to bring back medieval witch burning" or some shit i have to restrain myself from derailing the conversation with a tirade about how actually witch trials in europe were a rarity during the medieval period and the bloody mass repressions you're thinking of all took place in the EARLY MODERN PERIOD and were in many ways spurred by reaction…

  • Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

    Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

    god, i LOVE a film that's so increasingly gay it builds up to a scene where a lifestyle kink s&m gay couple chases a vanilla gay clone couple through the streets of san francisco...

    anyway, dr. goldfoot is my new "vincent price villain i most wish i could transition into." just the bitchiest, queeniest mad scientist who lives in a high-camp torture dungeon under a cemetery in san francisco, from which he runs an international findom scam with glamorous fem-bot proxies...while dressing in brocade tuxedos and ridiculous shoes...why isn't that me...