Midsommar ★★★★½

“Do you feel held by him? Does he feel home to you?

Beautifully grotesque, Aster follows up last year’s smash hit Hereditary with an audiovisual attack on the senses. Midsommar grabs you from the very first opening frames and doesn’t let go for its slightly overlong runtime. Throughout the anxiety inducing tension and bat shit insane imagery which I saw someone describe as “images i want to erase from my mind by forcing a chisel up my nose” there are moments of comedy, mostly through Will Poulter who actually, disappointingly is given very little to do here except for those moments of comedic relief. The real star of the show here is, as you’d expect, Florence Pugh who continues her wonderful 2019 after stealing my heart in Stephen Merchant’s WWE biopic “Fighting With My Family” with a performance here a lot like Toni Colette’s in Hereditary. Loud, erratic and often desperate (although, with both performances given what happens to the characters I’m sure a bit of desperation within the performance is necessary). Pugh lives out a real life nightmare, one that, at least until things got really crazy had me relating quite heavily. 

Overall, Aster follows Hereditary up well. Will age well with multiple watches much like the former does. Ending shot seems inspired by one of my favourite ever closing shots, that being Ryan Gosling’s “Lost River”. Beautiful stuff all the way through, as I said at the top. Beautifully grotesque.

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