Mirror ★★★★★

Every frame is a painting 

It's taken me far too long to see my first Tarkovsky and finally today I did, Mirror was the film that stuck out to me from his portfolio and I was not let down, my high expectations were met and bettered. 

Andrei Tarkovsky should be regarded as one of the greatest artists to ever live, in any medium. From the start of the film to the very end I was in awe of at the true beauty this film possesses. Every single frame told a story better than any words in any script ever could, the colour palette was primarily very earthy colours a lot of greens, browns, reds all to create a feeling of closeness to nature throughout. 

The framing of every shot was near picture perfect, but it also felt natural, if you compare it to directors like Hitchcock and Kubrick yes their framing is also near perfect but they have spent hours or days perfecting every shot, Tarkovsky's framing felt natural, like the director was following a path of the film, often being far away in intimate moments as to not disrupt what was going on in the frame.

I truly believe this film should be shown in museums, not as special feature, as a permanent exhibit because it is as close to pure art you're going to get.

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