Parasite ★★★★★

Everything you’ve heard about Parasite is true, is it #1 narrative feature of all time good? Probably not. But what it is, is one of the greatest films of the year and of all time. I’m not an avid viewer of Bong’s films, having only seen two. Those being Snowpiercer & Okja which are, embarrassingly, the directors two most primarily English language films. That being said, after this experience it seems I must rectify this and seek out his other Korean films to broaden my Bong horizons. What we get from Bong here is an incredible commentary on the class struggle that translates quite well into western culture but also a really fascinating portrait of manipulation & desperation. A families desperation to get out of their struggling situation that they’re willing to do anything to change their position is life. There are moments within the film that genuinely left me speechless, within the humour there’s these moments of total dread and overwhelming anxiety that have shaped this film in a completely different light for me. A lot of people seem to view this as a “fun” experience but to me I became crippled with an intense anxiety that left me desperate for any form of relief. That ending somewhat gives that but it’s also the biggest gut punch, one I was not expecting at all.

I want to see So-dam Park sweep the awards season, what a fantastic performance full of anger, humour and self doubt that culminates in such a brilliantly nuanced character which appears completely different to the one we are introduced to at the beginning.

It’s a special feeling when you restrain yourself from watching a film online, build it up for a long time and then when you finally see it, it goes on to exceed your expectations.

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