Unicorn Store ★★★★

It’s hard not to get swept up in Brie Larson’s sugar sweet story of self discovery and self worth. With her feature length directorial debut Larson displays a keen eye for films that she obviously enjoys, if I were to think about what I imagine Brie Larson to be like in real life I just imagine Kit running around trailing glitter everywhere with a naive outlook on life that seems to stem from wanting to hold onto her childhood for as long as possible. The film teaches an important lesson in following what makes you happy, allowing yourself to get swept up in your imagination even if it means being a little ridiculous sometimes. Very much of a fan of this, Hope I can see it on the big screen soon.

A problem people seem to have is that the story doesn’t hold much structure or much point at all. To me that’s part of the charm? Written almost as if we’re inside a little girls head while she has a sugar rush and she’s allowed to let her mind run wild, it’s definitely a film that doesn’t necessarily need a structure to it to be enjoyed. If you’re coming here looking for a Hitchcock-esc 3 act plot you’re sort of an idiot.