Waves ★★

i have a lot of thoughts about this one that i want to get out, but probably the best way to sum them up is that.... this film could‘ve been so much better. specifically, i think the biggest problem this film has (outside of maybe the fact that its a film about violence against and perpetuated by POC... written and directed by a white man) is that it would have made so much more sense to have the story told entirely from emily’s perspective instead of switching viewpoints entirely halfway through. the way it’s actually done feels like two movies, especially considering the fact that barely any of these characters are developed. it was very difficult for me to empathize with anyone besides emily because with the first half of the movie, it was like we were only seeing the characters’ worse sides, and it didn’t help that it seemed like we were only seeing the characters’ interactions once everything started falling apart, and never got to see them at a normal point of their relationships. it was just very frustrating to sit through 90 minutes of a 2 hour plus movie and barely feel anything for the characters on the screen. and i WANTED to empathize, i did. it just didn‘t happen.

other than that, i felt like none of the scenes flowed into each other. this is a problem i feel like i see a lot in indie movies, but i don‘t mind it as much because it‘s done much more tactfully. it honestly felt like skipping through a film. and, in the first 90 minutes especially, the soundtrack choice is.... very interesting. it will work with facet of scenes done in parallel, but not the other. it just made so much of the movie feel tonally off.

but, fine. i get why people enjoyed it. it definitely experiments with a lot of things. those things just really didn’t work for me.

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