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  • Kotoko



    "I'm just amazed at the body's will to live,It smells fishy when it bleeds.I smell the sea.From this, I understand human beings came from the ocean.Starting as a micro organism like plankton."

  • Letter from a Filmmaker to His Daughter

    Letter from a Filmmaker to His Daughter


    a daughter asked her filmmaker father why he hadn't made a film for her..and now we have one of the most beautifully made film I have ever seen

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  • Possession



    I never watched a film that ‬portray the horror of break-ups and losing someone you love in such dark / brilliant / intellectually challenging way like this one, what (Andrzej Żuławski) showing us is how people in love try to possess each other's, I think we all are (sam neill) when we're still in love with someone who fall out love with us ,we think they're hateful and inhuman we only see (Isabelle adjani) from (Sam neill) perspective as an…

  • Self and Others

    Self and Others


    "my photos are best appreciated when they're looked at carefully,next to nudes and commercial photos,my photos are overshadowed,my photos makes no assertions or statements,I like to capture beauty that is so subtle that it could be overlooked, I don't know if you can see what I intend to capture,I don't know if anybody can sees it."