• The Void Cat

    The Void Cat


    Crazy cursed trippy creature feature!
    We made this movie for a Halloween Horror Festival in Tallahassee!
    Werewolf, splinter cat, wildman combo!
    Scary, funny, and a total mindf*ck!
    You better treat your kitty cat right or you will be lost to the void forever!

    Watch the movie here

  • Prey



    That is exactly what the franchise needed.
    A raw western tale of survival.
    The predator better choose wisely of its prey!
    It was awesome seeing all the different alpha wildlife interact with the monster!
    But the leads connection with her dog and brother was truly special.
    She was used to adapting and having to outsmart her enemies. This was nothing different.
    Amazing atmosphere

    I hunt the Predator down in Florida

  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    Fun premiere!
    Action packed from start to finish!
    Knew the 1 minute stops would create some funny sequences!
    So many twists and turns for a straight shot bullet ride!
    Some brutal kills and some hilarious ones too.

    A fun vibed Snowpiercer!


  • The Requin

    The Requin

    Where tf are the sharks? Please eat these characters asap!

  • The Skunk Ape Experiments

    The Skunk Ape Experiments


    Proud to help film the sasquatch recreation scenes in this movie!
    The group pushed the boundaries of reality to get closer to the mystery of the swamp!
    Gators, ritual magic and shrooms! The holy Florida Trinity!
    Keep an eye out for the rest of the trilogy!

    Check out my bigfoot channel

  • The Reef: Stalked

    The Reef: Stalked


    I wish the shark just ate all them b*tches

  • Nope



    Cowboys vs Aliens!
    The premiere was outta this world!
    Loved how the film industry part was worked in!
    The last act was so intense.
    As a UFO researcher and paranormal investigator, this was made for me.
    Probably going to see it a couple more times on the big screen.

    I'm the real life OJ

  • Thor: Love and Thunder

    Thor: Love and Thunder


    Taika just knows how to make great movies!
    The laughs set up the sorrows perfectly.
    Bale as Gorr was incredible. He was scary as heck! The shadow realm and monsters were a vibe!!!
    Who would have thought Thor and Jane would have had the best love story of 2022?!

    I chase giants!

  • Babyteeth



    A very special movie.
    That last scene hit hard. Too early in the morning to be crying.
    Life is precious and most of us waste it away. I gotta work on that.
    I loved everytime Milla broke the fourth wall. It reeled me in closer.
    Felt her pain but loved when she smiled.
    The sound of the waves all the way to the end of the credits is very powerful.

  • Chef



    Needed this. Was a little late to lunch!
    South Beach to the French Quarter, some of my favorite spots! And I know all about those roadtrip vibes. Made me smile!
    Love the trio in the truck. The kid helping with the Twitter geo tags was a nice flashback in recent times.
    Sofia and Scarlett, goddeng!
    Now I get to talk about this movie everytime I eat at and pass by a food truck!

    I have some cool videos in Miami and New Orleans on my paranormal YouTube

  • Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink

    Machine Gun Kelly's Life In Pink


    Loved it. Been watching this story unfold over the last decade. I was looking for myself in some of the archive footage.

    Kells agreed to do a benefit concert for my sister who was in a coma after a car crash years ago. I wish more people got to see the real side of MGK. I hope this doc helps shed light to the real K.

    Amazing watching iconic songs being made. So much to learn from this man who…

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    Well that was incredible.
    Edge of my seat the entire time. Loved the late 70's vibe and the creative shots.
    Ethan Hawke was so scary as The Grabber. He is puzzling terrifying the entire time. Still wondering what was going on inside of his mind.
    The brother and sister connection was special. lil Sis was the emotional anchor of the movie. She was great.
    The lead Character and other victims all were perfect. Unreal chemistry.
    A fun thrilling movie.
    Got to see the premiere in a haunted theatre. Super dope.