Lou (rhymes with wow!)

Lou (rhymes with wow!)


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  • Venus in Furs
  • Lady Terminator
  • Slave Contract
  • Singapore Sling

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  • Eleven Days, Eleven Nights


  • Tentacles


  • Motel Hell


  • Point Break


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  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    That's not cranberry sauce!

    Yay! Canadian Thanksgiving is finally upon us eh (well, almost) so that could only mean one thing: tΜΆuΜΆrΜΆkΜΆeΜΆyΜΆ ΜΆpΜΆoΜΆuΜΆtΜΆiΜΆnΜΆeΜΆ watching the cult slasher Blood Rage with Michelle and Sophie.

    Man, I've been looking forward to this movie for such a long time and it still exceeded all my expectations. It was inept in so many ways but also absolutely brilliant. It just blew me away.

    Truly the pinnacle of B-movie cheese!

  • The Harpies

    The Harpies


    Like picking up a faint transmission from a parallel universe in which Italy was still making awesome schlock during the latter part of '80s.

    Real delightful stuff.

    Can be found on YouTube.

Recent reviews

  • Eleven Days, Eleven Nights

    Eleven Days, Eleven Nights


    A deceptively simple erotic drama from Italian smut pedlar Joe D'Amato. It all feels pretty silly and fluffy but there is actually more than meets the eye here. The women are (emotionally) complex beings while the male lead is clueless and simply chasing his libido. The female lead is also a lot more sexually dominant than the male one. There are moments where D'Amato genuinely inverts gender roles/stereotypes. It is really fun to watch.

  • Motel Hell

    Motel Hell


    An off-kilter horror movie about a brother and sister who make the best smoked meats in a 100 mile radius. A lot of love goes into making these tasty treats. Love and of course the secret ingredient. Some people seem to have gone missing around the area as of late. That probably has nothing to do with this strange sibling duo... right?

    Wow, what a pleasant surprise! This whole thing is pretty bonkers in a darkly comedic sort of way.…

Popular reviews

  • Day of the Idiots

    Day of the Idiots


    My first Werner Schroeter movie. The way he captures life in a psychiatric hospital is very interesting. The cinematography is exquisite, with a lot of flashy camera work. Very artistic. Most of the movie is very nonsensical and surreal as well, with strange dialogue and interactions.

    Carole Bouquet portrays madness in a very realistic fashion (a lot of emotional vulnerability/nakedness; not just in a physical way). All the performances are exceptional across the board though.


  • Raw Force

    Raw Force


    One of the better movies where a group of evil Village People attack a sexy yacht party full of extremely akward people. Raw Force definitely deserves the top spot on my samurai-zombies list.

    My ear is still ringing from Michelle excitedly screaming at the sight of the bazooka.