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  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    I used to live near a forest when I was a kid. One day, after seeing Jurassic Park with a friend, we made our own park map on my old computer. I still remember it having different sectors for the different kinds of dinosaurs. We used to stare at the screen and imagine some emergency happening in one of the sectors. We would jump on our bikes and drive through the forest towards the part of the park with the emergency and play out some make-believe scenario.

  • Transgression



    A shy dude shoots some questionable substances into his veins and becomes a full-blown psychopath. He meets a bored young woman who likes to walk around naked in front of strangers and who has absolutely no qualms about killing someone with a pool cue. Together they get into all kinds of mischief..

    you know, your standard love story!

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  • Star Crystal

    Star Crystal


    85 minutes of Alien (1979) than 5 minutes of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

    The alien being that killed most of your fellow crew members? He's just misunderstood! We've got this fun 80's power-ballad to prove it.

  • Alien from the Deep

    Alien from the Deep


    Initially AftD is just some dull jungle jam with an activists vs evil corporation story. It even got me thinking that I was watching the wrong movie. Only after the halfway point, things started to pick up some steam. That's when the fun started; explosions.. the "alien's" first sighting.. utter CHAOS!

    After watching this movie for 90 minutes, the thing I would consider the most alien about it, was the relationship between Jane and Bob. They had conversations no real…

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  • Castaway on the Moon

    Castaway on the Moon


    Such an amazing movie. At times very tender and sad (but also there's humour in the sadness somehow?!) It's just beautiful to see how these two "weirdos" were able to find each other. They didn't want to participate in society so they created their own.

    I hope these two kids work it out, and I wish them both all the best.

  • Burial Ground

    Burial Ground


    Italian genre cinema has really altered my brain chemistry, I have no idea what's good and what's bad anymore.

    Burial Ground was my first Italian zombie movie and upon initial viewing I hated it! I had just come out of my first giallo binch and was expecting more of the same stuff here. I was beyond disappointed.

    This movie is very economical with its story. The premise is people running from zombies (and failing) for 80+ minutes. What it lacks…