Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark ★★★

Fun fact; ¡Tintorera! was originally a novel written by Ramón Bravo, the man who played the underwater zombie in that crazy shark scene in Zombi 2!

I watched the longer 2hrs version that is essentially a soap opera at a sunny holiday resort. It is more about a hedonistic group of people enjoying themselves than an actual killer shark movie. The first attack doesn't even happen until almost 40 minutes in! Still, all the crazy antics of these free spirited people made this a somewhat enjoyable watch..

Except I could have done with a lot less (or you know.. none..) of the real fish/shark impalements that happen in this movie. Those scenes were horrible.

Tintorera basically becomes the story of Hugo Stiglitz avenging his Eskimo Brother. He had this sweet situation going on with Susan George and Andrés García until the shark killed García's character. Susan didn't sign up for a one man deal, so she leaves. Stiglitz feels a lot of resentment towards the shark because of that and takes revenge!

The movie is a bit light on the shark attacks but there is a scene towards the end that I genuinely consider one of the best shark attack scenes ever.

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