Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★

I can't stop thinking about what a disappointment this was for me, so I feel the need to review again (without seeing again) ...

Take a Tarantino movie and then REMOVE the following:

-fully realized, memorable characters
-a complex, engaging narrative
-escalating tension and conflict
-an intimidating antagonist
-an immersive tone that wraps you under its spell
-a consistently funny and sharp screenplay
-brilliant pacing, often edited by Sally Menke

What you have left is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a well acted, occasionally interesting mess of a movie with a cool soundtrack and impressive visuals. It meanders and waffles around QT's self indulgent interests of Old Hollywood and obscure LA ephemera for nearly three hours until it stumbles into an unsatisfying climax. It also felt in really bad taste in its treatment of women and its half baked inclusion of Sharon Tate and Charlie Manson. What a tedious waste of everyones' talents.

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