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  • Life


    It is interesting to note how much Corbijn seems to bet that his story is good enough to catch the attention of his audience. This confidence generates a number of small problems. The main, and easily seen since the first scenes, is that there is no chemistry between Pattinson and DeHann, making the long tiring and forced. The script's orientation is focused mostly on the disagreement points of the two protagonists, simplifying Dean as a troublesome man without offering clear…

  • Colonia


    It is very difficult to digest,in all aspects. It is difficult, above all else, to accept that this real, that the tortures, humiliations and all other inhuman acts practiced actually happened - not only in Chile but also in other countries, that is ,an alienated and conformed population , People who not see the atrocious character of those who govern them, with a convincing proposal of "better country." So movies are the most didactic way of teaching history.

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  • You Get Me

    You Get Me

    - Another movie portraying the woman as crazy and psychotic.
    - another film that proposes the rivalry between womens.
    - another movie that the good girl is the one herself and gives herself to respect and does not go out there fucking with everyone.
    - another movie that the guy is the fuck,that in one night makes the girl fall in love.
    - another movie ..

  • Two Night Stand

    Two Night Stand

    Delicious to watch, but you have to ignore all the items that are part of the post 2010 indie movie that make it look like you've seen the same movie in several different versions. Exemplifying:

    - crisis of 20, post college
    - unemployment / underemployment
    - it modern love half shameful
    - crazy dance without context
    - introverted characters
    - annoying phrases involving problems in relating.