Into the Woods ★★

The movie wavers scene by scene, and for a Sondheim devotee like I, that just doesn’t cut it, Disney and Rob Marshall. The performers are capable, but the blocking is typically off. Meryl is too camp and not camp enough, inconsistency I have to attribute to Marshall’s flash over substance style and eight pound of latex weighing down her face. Emily Blunt and James Cordon are a mildly charismatic couple. Anna Kendrick and Chris Pine lose their luster on rewatch, though still best of the bunch. Kendrick’s songs are immaculate (though laying down on stairs covered in pitch was a choice). I have to wonder if the whole thing could’ve been avoided if the baker and wife would’ve checked with the witch if she’d have liked the beans back rather than duping a child out of his pet. It’s a morality tale that Disney missed the point of.  The second half loses all context, and aside from Anna Kendrick’s harmonies is utterly forgettable, and ignoring the title song for a credits sequence is just in bad taste.