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  • The Master

    The Master


    I watched this a couple of days ago and I had to watch this again. I absolutely love this. Lancaster and Freddie are magnificent. Both of them have problems and deal with them so differently, adding for a wonderful combination when they collaborate. How Lancaster was able to develop, mold and guide Freddie into his "baptized" form is remarkable. Freddie at the beginning of the film was completely different than Freddie at the end. But that's the thing, Joaquin Phoenix…

  • The Dirt

    The Dirt


    This movie is sex, drugs, women and rock and roll. Feel Motley Crue did just that. Having said that, this movie isn't for me. I am into historical pieces on bands and artists, but I felt like a horny 13-year old watching Netflix. MGK is actually really good. Man I wish I was MGK (because of Megan Fox, not because of Killshot). I knew that the band was going to abuse drugs more and more once they became famous. Pete…

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  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood


    Speechless. Don't have anything negative to say about this. By now everyone has seen it and knows how great it is, don't need to reiterate how impressive this is. Daniel Day-Lewis transforms into this greedy, stubborn, caring (on some levels) man who is never the same after he enters the oiling business. He lifts himself up from the hole he dug after he breaks his leg and that is his oil baptism. Oh and the ending is top 5 of…

  • Hereditary



    Thought the first hour of this was one of the most depressing movies I’ve seen. Not saying this in a negative way, just was very depressing. The second hour/second act builds on the first act’s foundation and is told in a way that leaves you anxious and biting your nails. It’s always hard when you lose a loved one but it’s even harder when they come back in a spiritual way. Joanie was the creepiest character/aspect of the film for…