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  • Pan's Labyrinth

    Pan's Labyrinth


    If the pale man could sprint, that thing would be scarier than the xenomorphs. Anyway, this movie has great acting, a masterful blend of CGI and pratical effects and a fantastic score. I also love the tone as it perfectly balances happiness and sadness.

  • mother!



    J-Law is on par with Bradley Cooper for me. 1 star because Javier Bardem is awesome and an extra .5 because I like the setting.

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  • Sicario



    The last thirty minutes of this movie is some of the best filmmaking I've ever seen. This is easily my favorite Denis Villeneuve movie and one of my favorite movies of the decade and easily my favorite movie of 2015.

  • Oldboy



    Don't know why but I always enjoyed watching live action foreign films in they're native language while animation I will try to watch dubbed. With animation, I want to appreciate the animation shown onscreen while with live action movies, I'll just watch them the way they are.

    Make sure to watch this version and not the 2013 schlockfest.