Killer's Kiss ★★½

Beautifully shot, full of amazing glimpses of the seamier side of 1950s Manhattan but somehow feeling incredibly padded even at 67 minutes.

Kubrick delivers a number of thrilling set pieces as well as some lovely lingering shots of the principals and imaginatively put together location shots, throughout the whole thing you get the impression of a student film with a lot of visual ideas.

But it isn't really a student film and the acting is pretty dreadful throughout and the plot is both cliched and internally inconsistent. The ending feels tacked on and it's impossible to really care about the characters.

But if you think of it as someone given a camera and new york and told to revisualise the cliches of hard boiled action it actually works. This is the gritty New York of a thousand detective stories on film, not recreated on a sound stage seen through an insightful eye.

Shame it works more as visual tour than a film

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