Parasite ★★★★★

watched the black and white version on my new criterion dvd...... i seriously believe this movie is meant to be seen in black and white

i will never get over this. i don't understand how something can be so utterly perfect. every scene builds upon the last in a truly insightful way, like notes culminating into a symphony. it's undeniably a masterpiece. it's something that comes once in a lifetime. it's one of the only films i've seen that after so many watches (5 if we're counting) maintains every bit of its effectiveness, managing to make me laugh, cry, and move to the edge of my seat in anticipation.

parasite is profoundly emotional in a way that not everyone may connect to, but i find traces of this deep empathy in every frame. random moments will come that strike something inside of me, and for no apparent reason, i start tearing up. the camera and the score work together to play with my heartstrings, toying with them at these specific moments of orchestrated beauty that i can't quite grasp.

bong joon-ho is a genius. 

one thing though: how the FUCK did ki-woo survive after being hit in the head TWICE with this heavy ass rock.... (maybe its a metaphor?? lmao) and he just sits there bleeding out for who knows how long... and then ki-jung gets stabbed ONCE and just DIES? feels a little icky how the questionable death of the daughter is used to motivate the anger and sadness of the father and the son. i sense just a littttlllleee hint of misogyny right there! doesn't affect my view of the film much at all, because regardless, it's flawless in what it wants to accomplish. but what it wants to accomplish, involves a very male-centric portrait of the world. just a thought!

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