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  • Lonely Are the Brave
  • Sir Henry at Rawlinson End
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Warlock

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  • The Shepherd of the Hills

  • Fourteen Hours

  • Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!


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  • Escape From Alcatraz

    Escape From Alcatraz


    Litmos and his mouse are still my favorite part, but the escape is also quite compelling! This wasn’t the last Siegel movie, he went on to do a few duds, but it’s certainly his last great one and it feels like a beautiful full-circle finale to his particular career - like late-period Huston, it’s so old timey and modern at the same time. Getting to do another prison movie so many years after Riot In Cell Block 11 and doing it in a post-Cuckoo’s Nest landscape - it’s like a more stark Great Escape. And it’s also funny. The perfect swan song for a genre journeyman.

  • Short Cuts

    Short Cuts

    Perfect movie for a sunny day rewatch at MOMA with easily shocked elderly people gasping behind me. I really love that Altman delegated Tim Robbins (usually not a fan) to be the one hyper-unleashed, caricaturish Altman character performance driving the movie. I don’t know the reasons why JJL and Chris Penn’s SHORT CUTS characters would keep a dreary “All Shook Down” promo poster in their bedroom but maybe this hopelessly sad detail is a total stroke of wiseass genius from the hip art dept.