Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Today is 6/7/19. Today I ALSO watched Black Mirror: Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.

Oh my god. I nearly said "What went wrong," but I know went wrong. It was the idea to make a Black Mirror episode were Miley Cyrus bot trys to hack a girls life. I thougth Striking Vipers was the worst episode, but at least they sorta tried for that episode. They didn't try here. Not at all. And it loses 4 1/2 stars for that. It trys to act gritty and then poppy to make a lose vibe; but it comes off ignorant. This episode is atrocious. Not as bad as the Velvet Buzzsaw garage band with shit stains on the drums, but it is pretty goddamn bad. I started watching, turned it off because I was appalled when Rachel gets the bot, and was talked into by my grandfather to "just finish the season; be strong. Follow through." Good motivation, but not good a tip. I would avoid this episode, and alos Striking Vipers. Watch a good Black Mirror episode like Playtest, Be Right Back, or even if you want to watch the new season watch Smithereens.