Shiva Baby

Shiva Baby ★★★

Aesthetically kind of heinous, at least when its anamorphic handheld cinematography recalls Krisha more than Fleabag, Seligmann aims for a horror-comedy in which the audience has deep empathy for its protagonist, trying for a microbudget Uncut Gems-style panic attack thrill ride but claustrophobic and chaotic bisexual, and if she falls short, which she does, and the life that was present in the short is partly sucked out by the feature's visual ambitions and need to stretch out, then, still, the high concept remains, and it's a good one: front-facing camera comedian plays sugar baby mortified to run into daddy at shiva. Rachel Sennot is funny, and old Yale School of Drama pals Polly Draper and Fred Melamud do a lot to hold it together in passing.