Dramas, Comedies and Mysteries of Lisbon

"In broad daylight, even the sounds shine." – Pessoa

"The river is the only witness of our lives, not the city." – Madredeus, Lisbon Story

My idea of Lisbon is haunted by Phillip Winter, a recurring character throughout the cinema of Wim Wenders, who is variously a journalist, projector repairman, foley artist, or detective. "Winter's here," he puns by way of announcing his arrival, which is never a surprise in a Wenders film.

In Lisbon Story, Winter visits the Portuguese coast in search of a character from The State of Things, an earlier Wenders film that told of a film crew that ran out of money while on location in Portugal; its plot was a reference to The Territory, a…

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  • Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal
  • The Territory
  • The State of Things
  • In the White City
  • Doc's Kingdom
  • Until the End of the World
  • Lisbon Story
  • Requiem
  • The Mutants
  • In Vanda's Room
  • Colossal Youth
  • Mysteries of Lisbon
  • Christopher Columbus, The Enigma
  • The Letter
  • Voyage to the Beginning of the World
  • O Fantasma
  • Saudade
  • Tabu
  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • The Russia House
  • The Second Awakening of Christa Klages
  • Street of No Return
  • The Ninth Gate
  • The Conspirators
  • The Old Man of Belem
  • Father and Son
  • Three Palm Trees
  • The Portuguese Nun
  • How Fernando Pessoa Saved Portugal
  • Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl
  • Trois ponts sur la rivière
  • The Green Years