Killer's Kiss ★★★

You watch this and you understand why Kubrick got to make some pretty big budget A-list pictures so early in his career.

Davey Gordon (Jamie Smith) and Gloria Price (Irene Kane) are exhausted in the way that only noir characters can be. The big city and life have knocked them around. One night when Gloria's boss (Frank Silvera) tries to rape her, Davey stops the attack. He and Gloria fall in love and decide to leave the city and go to Davey's family in Oregon.

But it's a noir and nothing is that simple in a noir.

At just an hour and seven minutes, there's not an ounce of fat on this. The story is taut and it's told with great innovation.

But there's something missing here. I don't know what. I like the choice of the actors. Frank Silvera is the biggest name in this and that's saying something. The location footage is superb (look for the old Penn Station at the end). It's an interesting film. But still...there's something missing that keeps me from loving it.