Shockproof ★★★

There are two things that prevent me from giving this an extra half star-to a fourth star: the studio-enforced ending and the absurdity of the dedication of the Cornel Wilde character. That said, this gets pretty gripping and it's one of Sirk's early Hollywood films that feels like a Sirk film. Sam Fuller wrote the script (although not that cheesy ending).

Patricia Knight plays Jenny, whose stint in prison was in part due to some stuff she did for her lover, Harry (John Baragrey). Now out on parole and assigned to parole officer, Griff (Cornel Wilde), she finds she isn't able to resume her life with Harry. Griff takes his duties very, very seriously (this is the part that seems pretty OTT even for a 1940s Hollywood film) going to extreme lengths to keep her away from Harry.

Based on their performances here, both Knight and Baragrey deserved more of a film career than they got. From what I can tell, Knight made a few films while she was married to Wilde before leaving acting. Baragrey did a LOT of TV and some Broadway so at least he wasn't wasted. Both are really good in Shockproof. Wilde is decent and by the end of the film has managed to overcome that stupid premise.

Again, the ending sucks, but it's good enough that I guess I can ignore the last five minutes for the sake of the preceding seventy four.

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