Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

I watched The Evil Dead a long time ago. I didn't think to re-watch it before seeing this movie because I thought I could remember it well. Turns out it probably would have been worth a watch, as the first 10 minutes of this movie made no sense to me whatsoever. It felt like more of a reboot than a sequel because it didn't really start the way I remember The Evil Dead ending. However, if i'm just mistaken, then definitely re-watch the original before seeing this film or suffer confusion like myself.

Aside from this, the film was all round pretty decent. It felt a lot more like a comedy than the last movie, but again, my memory of that is a little fuzzy. Regardless, I got a lot of laughs out of this film. There weren't really any scares, but there were a lot of gory practical effects that impressed me. I really love and admire old movies with practical effects that are, in some ways, better than some of the CGI we're presented with today.

The story and acting were kind of over the top and ridiculous, but that's part of the charm. It's a cult classic for a reason as there's nothing better than sitting back and watching some completely ridiculous, crazy, over the top action and bloody violence. Despite the fact that a lot of aspects were reused from the original, there was still enough fresh material to keep my interest.

In conclusion, if you watched the original Evil Dead then I would definitely advise that you watch this movie. If you haven't, then I would advise that you instead go and watch that movie. Don't expect it to make sense, or be logical. It's crazy and messy and a good flick to watch for entertainment.

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