The Room

The Room ½

my favorite things about this movie: scenery, people walking in and out and no one ever locking the door as if that's normal, johnny and lisa letting their friends bang in their apartment just whenever, hair/makeup department working for food apparently, the worst sex scenes ever that would probably turn a nymphomaniac frigid, copy pasted sex scene, danny literally confessing his love for lisa and then a few seconds later when asked about another girl, saying "i love her, i'm gonna marry her and have children", music very similar to what you hear when you play an old barbie game, "leave your stupid comments in your pocket", everybody acting the way some people think bipolar people act, lisa bringing something up just to say "i don't wanna talk about it" 3 seconds later, a person who supposedly never drinks drinking scotch and vodka for the first time and saying it tastes good

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