West Side Stories: The Making of a Classic

Letterboxd has a poster for this excellent making-of documentary by the BBC - just put up the YouTube link a few weeks ago & I had no idea there was a separate poster, so here it is again (the link may come down at any minute - YouTube is getting extreeeemely serious about becoming a subscription service, so it’s no more free riders / no more mr. nice guy with the copyright violations.)

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For more on the doc go a couple of reviews down, to the classic ‘60s West Side Story poster. letterboxd.com/ozufan/film/west-side-story/1/

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg has his remake of the film scheduled for Christmas release, but it’s hard to say whether movies will be happening, or elections will be happening, or what will be happening in the foreseeable future, & the president has decided mail will not be happening, so call your Senator and politely scream whathefuck if you can.