• Mannequin in Red

    Mannequin in Red


    I’ve seen Mannequin in Red described as Swedish Giallo and there are scenes which are reminiscent of the later Mario Bava film Blood and Black Lace especially with it’s fashion house setting, but it reminded me more of the few German Krimi films I’ve seen albiet with a bit more focus on style.

    The plot revolves around the investigation by husband and wife private detective team the Hillmans (Karl-Arne Holmsten and Annalisa Ericson) into the murder of model turned blackmailer…

  • Naughty Arlette

    Naughty Arlette


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The film has an odd tone (spoilers follow so if you’re thinking of checking it out maybe skip the rest of this). From the posters I’d seen and it’s alternative title of Naughty Arlette (uriginally titled The Romantic Age) I’d expected a lighthearted comedy with Mai Z as French student Arlette causing consternation at a prim and proper English girl’s finishing school with her saucy Parisian ways. That’s partly it but the main thrust of the story is that she…

  • Abnormal Family

    Abnormal Family


    I don’t know much about the Japanese Pink Film or Pinku eiga “genre” (it’s not a genre) and the few examples I’ve seen have tended to be either exploitation movies or leaned towards the arty/experimental but I was surprised - and delighted - to find this was an Ozu parody!

  • I'll Be Alone After Midnight

    I'll Be Alone After Midnight


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I’ll Be Alone After Midnight is a silly musical farce which is slightly more interesting as the screenplay and script was written in part by Henri-Georges Clouzot along with Pierre-Gilles Veber.

    Mireille Perrey is sick of her husband’s continual adultery and decides she must take revenge. Killing him is out of the question because juries nowadays (1931) are just not buying that crime passionnel defence so she determines she must have a tit for tat affair with someone else. Neighbour…

  • Bergman's Reliquarium

    Bergman's Reliquarium


    Bergmans Reliquarium is a music video of sorts for the Swedish singer/songwriter Veronica Maggio. It’s a kind of mash-up of Bergman imagery (cf. Róisín Murphy’s Evil Eyes) and is quite well done I think. There are a couple of cringey pop video bits but it’s good on the whole and is extra interesting for being filmed in part in Bergman’s home on Fårö and involving Bergman actresses Gunnel Lindblom, Pernilla August, and Lena Olin, with Ewa Fröling’s daughter Tilde Fröling and Jarl Kulle’s daughter Maria Kulle recreating roles played by their parents - oh, and there’s one shot from one of yer actual Bergman movies too!

  • Night Watch

    Night Watch


    Elizabeth Taylor plays a woman recovering from a mental breakdown and haunted by intrusive visions from a traumatic event in her life. She moves into a new house with husband Laurence Harvey and best friend Billie Whitelaw for some rest and relaxation but before long is witness to some grisly goings-on through the windows of the looming empty mansion which backs on to their garden. No one else has seen what she sees and the police can find no evidence of foul play. Is she imagining things or is someone trying to drive her insane?

  • In the Basement

    In the Basement


    I liked this but there were too many Nazis and sado-masochists and not enough model railway enthusiasts...

  • Adventures of a Plumber's Mate

    Adventures of a Plumber's Mate


    Again not good but there's a strange underlying pessimism to the "adventures" in this final outing. Christopher Neil's character is constantly under threat of eviction and physical violence and is filled with self-loathing (nice girl Elaine Paige loves him but he knows he's too awful to start a relationship with her). It's the closest this series gets to a film noir!

  • Adventures of a Private Eye

    Adventures of a Private Eye

    Not good, but probably worth watching for Adrienne Posta's Liza Minnelli parody...

  • Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno

    Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno


    If you enjoyed the experimentation with kinetic and optical art, image distortion, and lighting shown in L'enfer then Clouzot's final film La prisonnière (AKA Woman in Chains) is well worth checking out.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    This viewing was actually of the "Black and Chrome" edition of the film which I found interesting although I couldn't say I thought it was better or worse than the original.

  • Snow Day

    Snow Day


    Snow Day was originally intended to be The Adventures of Pete and Pete the Movie, and although it was rewritten the Pete and Pete episode structure and tropes are evident throughout. So siblings Mark Webber and Zena Grey are analogs of Big Pete and Little Pete respectively, and the Little Pete analog has *a mission* to take down an oddball adversary (Chris Elliott’s Snowploughman) and would really like Big Pete analog to help, but he’s busy obsessing over some hot…