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  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    Absolutely unnecessary WTF Gilligan. The story is exactly what you would imagine in your head after watching the finale and every actor looks like they're cosplaying themselves. Jesse looks like Steve Buscemi ''How do you do fellow kids?'' meme and Todd is apparently Meat Damon now. Call it body shaming but I don't agree because we're supposed to buy that these flashbacks take place before the finale and there are a lot of them so it's really immersion breaking and redundant. Walter White scene is good though.

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    Those two are the most annoying twats in movie history

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  • Joker



    Very good movie but it's gonna be overrated as fuck. It's basically a mash up of Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy with Joker. However, my gripe with the movie is that they missed the point of these movies and made Joker too likable.

    Travis Bickle and Rupert Pupkin were never glorified, we were just put in the perspective of these characters and you were never expected to like them. This is not the case here, in this iteration…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    I'm rating this 5 stars just like American Psycho but I swear I'm not an incel because this is supposed to be satire, right? RIGHT?