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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Excellent creature effects and likely the best dog actor to ever grace the screen. Carpenter's  direction is characteristically weird, sparse, clunky, and home made (all in a good way) - though, like many of his films, after a strong set up the story here fizzles out in the end. Favourite character: the cheeky spider head that tries to scuttle inconspicuously away to freedom.

  • Going My Home

    Going My Home


    A truly lovely meditation on the things we can't see that make us human. The characters are immediately full, and the leisurely shots of rural Japan look good enough to eat (and so does the food). It was interesting to see some J-Drama staples carry over into Koreeda's production, but in the end this is undeniably his work - loose, warm, and enigmatic.

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  • Annihilation



    As someone who wasn't nearly as impressed with Ex Machina as everyone else seemed to be, I went into Annihilation with pretty low expectations. Well, the film managed to meet almost exactly those pretty low expectations. Alex Garland's direction is uninspired, and his script is limp. Things aren't helped by the performances of varying quality (some of the cast seem to have taken acting lessons at a robot factory), and the Sy-Fy Channel grade CGI. The premise is interesting and…

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Meticulous, charming, and unpredictable - in other words, Wes Anderson. The plot perhaps gets a bit bogged down in mayoral intrigue, but you can't complain too much with a production this gorgeous. The illustrations during the prologue alone are worth your ticket price.