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  • Glass



    The conclusion to M Night Shyamalan's unorthodox comic book trilogy
    is possibly the most unexpected of films. It doesn't adhere to your usual superhero flick, ultimate being more of a film on its own than The Dark Knight, but not nearly as solid. It's certainly a film that takes risks, but not all of them pay off, especially towards the end where the audience is hit over the head with twists and turns that often make it feel like the…

  • Mary Poppins Returns

    Mary Poppins Returns


    Practically perfect in every way is not only an apt description of the title character, but the only way to describe the entire experience of this film.
    Mary Poppins Returns is the most joyous film that we needed in this cynical climate. The story continues in its predecessor's legendary footsteps to remind those of us who've grown up since watching it in our youth to hold onto our inner child. I left the theater an emotional mess having bawled my…

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  • Searching



    This is a contender for best film of the year. "Searching" surprised me more than any other and it uses its film-making gimmick in possibly the most technologically accurate depiction of social media. The biggest sin most modern films commit is having a passive protagonist, but John Cho is instantly sympathetic as the father, proactively searching every nook and cranny to find his daughter. You'll be invested in his search from beginning to end, through all the twists and turns…

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born

    A decent collaboration album buried in a terrible story with some severely troublesome subtext. This film depicts one of the most toxic relationships I've seen in a supposed "love story" since the Twilight saga. Not only does it enforce the idea that a woman should stand by her man no matter how destructive his behavior, it turns him into a martyr by the end of the film. Every single depiction of alcohol abuse with Cooper's character stems from some seriously…