Sarah Pro

Favorite films

  • Cecil B. Demented
  • Gas Food Lodging
  • Mur Murs
  • Angel

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  • The Social Network


  • Phase IV


  • For a Few Dollars More


  • A Fistful of Dollars


Recent reviews

  • The Social Network

    The Social Network


    - I LIKE THIS MOVIE!!! Don’t say I don’t like this movie

    - Mara could play Grimes in a biopic
    - when I watch biopics i always get distracted by comparing and thinking of the reality of the situation vs the portrayal.
    - I am an Andrew Garfield fan. I think he is good in this. I think someone else could’ve been better
    - I’d like to assume this is based on official transcripts, but it’s Sorkin (I know it’s…

  • Phase IV

    Phase IV


    - one of my most anticipated movies of all time
    - the abandoned development is a great mood setter
    - “ants!”
    - I wish Saul Bass could’ve been a successful director instead of designing beloved corporate logos
    - body horror!
    - this would make a great double with other 1970s paranoid films
    - hire me as a film programmer if you want an Aunts vs Ants series 
    - of course the mad scientist is British, so on the nose, I…

Popular reviews

  • Circus Maximus

    Circus Maximus


    - why was this $25? They got me by it being directed by Noé and Korine 
    - it’s kinda fun to guess who directed what 
    - Travis Scott has no presence. He gives nothing. I’ve seen him in concert twice and I don’t remember it being this bad
    - Refn was the car for sure
    - Noé is the strobe club for sure. I’d have loved this if that was the entire film 
    - Travis Scott, big fan of Chelsea…

  • All the Old Knives

    All the Old Knives


    - strong straight to streaming vibes
    - feels like an episode of a a generic cable tv detective show
    - Lawrence Fishburne still has a wonderful voice 
    - very dull and boring 
    - the good cia vs the evil terrorists
    - executive produced by Chris pine

    - watched on the big screen!
    - Thandiwe Newton sat next to me during the last 5 minutes of the film 

    - q/a after the film with the director and 2 leads, moderated by…