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  • Dear Heart

    Dear Heart


    Such an underlying sadness here, wish more films explored this space.

  • 13 Days in France

    13 Days in France


    Absolutely beautiful. Lelouch was a visual artist (often to a fault) but his touch really works here.

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  • Walkabout



    Such a gorgeous film, perhaps one of the 10 most beautiful ever shot. It's obviously a film that could never be made today, as the morality police would never allow it. Funny, because it's a pure, tender, human story that needs to be seen. I'll surely show it to my kids in a couple of years.

  • Jacquot de Nantes

    Jacquot de Nantes


    This thing had me in tears by the end. It's surely so personal that those of us who were not part of the Demy family can only grasp the outermost layers. One of the other reviewers here called it a "love poem" and that is indeed what it is. If only we all could be loved like this man was loved.