Winchester ★½

Mismarketed to a fault; more of a period drama/suspense than anything resembling horror. That said, though,

an info dump first act is followed by... an info dump second act? Has a few really neat ideas while occasionally falling back on some trite ones. Not nearly enough Helen Mirren and possibly too much of the little red-haired boy. The movie as a whole is just kind of dull a lot of the time.

I may not have liked it, but I didn't hate it. Mirren and Clarke both do a good job. It is strange, however, to see the two directors of last year's Jigsaw turn around and make a movie about the horrors of gun violence. Bit of a disconnect there, fellas.

EDIT: I originally gave this a 2 but I'm waking up the next morning and finding that I hardly remember anything about this movie.

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