Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

“Rick Fucking Dalton”

Once upon a time in Hollywood is Tarantino’s most mature and laid back film since pulp fiction.

A near perfect film in my eyes, consistently hilarious, interesting without the usual gore fest we expect from a Tarintino film. This film is almost completely driven by characters, Leo and Brad are absolutely phenomenal in there roles and too see them come together for this was just great.

This film just drenches of personality Tarantino’s style is used to the upmost degree here and it works in every favour, I usually don’t laugh out loud while watching a film but I was dying at the comedy in this. Tarantino knows how to write a good screenplay and I don’t think anyone can deny that.

The production design is absolutely gorgeous and all the other technical elements were fantastic as well.

There’s not much else I wanna say about this film really just go watch it if you haven’t, it’s nothing insanely wacky like kill bill, but it’s so grounded in reality and well made its hard to find stuff I didn’t like. I guess some editing stuff and voice overs were weird at first but it was so apart of the film I stopped caring after awhile, the editing was great for the most part. This is probably my 2nd favourite Tarantino film now.

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