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  • The Virgin Suicides

    The Virgin Suicides


    Today I woke up with an odd feeling, something inside me was telling me that despite my issues with Sophia's films, I needed to watch this movie ASAP, always trust your guts no matter what
    "The Virgin Suicides" is the weirdest thing, the whole scenario works perfectly as a coming of age but I can't find something more opposed to that concept as this film, tragic as it's, wake up something in our selfs that it could only compare when…

  • Whisky



    Pocas veces he podido ver retratada tan bien la soledad, la rutina y lo gris que puede llegar a ser una ciudad, cine contemplativo y repetitivo como la vida misma. Algo en la película nos hipnotiza,nos deja esa ansiedad por algo que se salga de lo contemporáneo y lo frío de sus personajes, al final, nos volvemos todos parte de la película.

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  • Carlito's Way

    Carlito's Way


    Bear with me people of letterboxd because here we have the greatest gangster movie there is, plus one of the greatest performance of Pacino (if not the greatest) BY FAR.
    Yeah yeah Casino and Goodfellas they are great but they lack of the personal touch, basically we are on board with the violence and the mayhem because we don't give a fuck about them.
    What Brian does great here is that he set up the tone since the first second…

  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    "We accept the reality of the world with which they present us."

    Having literally seen hundreds and hundreds of movies, you need something really special to call one of them your favorite.
    Something that, when the final frame has disappeared, realizes that it has left a void emotionally in the heart that almost nothing else cinematic will fill again.
    That's The Truman Show, a film that, for its premiere year (1998), was extremely ahead of its time. 20 years later,…